Recycle More, Save More

Recycle More, Save More

Eaton has allowed us a 35 to 40 % saving on management and maintenance costs.

Antonio Caprioli, technical manager at CDM

CDM Engineering/OMP Prealpina is an Italian industrial enterprise that has been operating in the plastics recycling sector for 40 years and is dedicated to technological innovation and an efficient after-sales service. A national and international leader in the manufacture of extruders, CDM has always been committed to maintaining high standards of production quality and customer service. That is precisely why the company attaches great importance to the choice of components for its systems and has been equipping its extruders with Eaton devices for 20 years.

The company recently presented the new ES135C co-rotating twin screw extruder at the international K2013 fair in Dusseldorf. This system is capable of recycling more than 2500 kg of plastic an hour and is used to extrude co-generating products such as PE, PS, PP, ABS, PA, PC and BAYBLEND with a hot cutting system. The granules obtained are then used to make other plastic products.

Because of its considerable size and power, the ES135C requires an electronic device capable of effectively supporting it. The extruder is equipped with more than twenty motors, partly used for system ventilation and partly to control the material loading line, and is therefore exposed to problems such as current overloads and short-circuits.

To prevent and solve these critical issues, CDM has consistently chosen Eaton products and solutions, using the PKZ0 motor-protective circuit-breakers connected to an XV-152 touch display PLC via SmartWire-DT. Thanks to the innovative Eaton Codesys software, the XV-152 touch display PLC shows detailed data on the current consumption status of each motor in real-time. For example, in the extruder heating area, the PKZ0 circuitbreakers signal any current overloads, in the cooling area whether a fan motor is malfunctioning. The user can thus intervene and prevent or correct faults simply by changing the settings and parameters via the touch screen. “The Eaton technology allows our customers to use the ES135C extruder with extremely low maintenance costs,” says Antonio Caprioli, technical manager at CDM, adding that “the PLC allows users of our extruders to prevent most errors, thus avoiding system faults and the related repair costs.”

In order to make ES135C even more efficient and prevent needless production stops, CDM has moreover decided to add a set of Eaton M22 pushbuttons to support the PLC, these too connected to SmartWire-DT. This means that in the event of failure of the touch display PLC screen, these pushbuttons can be used to manually control the machine without having to stop production. In addition, CDM has adopted an Eaton NZM circuit-breaker to protect the entire electric system of the extruder against short-circuits. This device supplies 1250 A current to the electric cabinet and in the event of a shortcircuit protects the extruder by immediately cutting off the current flow.

The ES135C extruder not only features state-of-the-art electronic equipment but also runs software able to ensure a high execution speed. While for the earlier smaller models it would have been sufficient to install an Eaton touch display PLC equipped with Galileo software, this would not suffice for the ES135C extruder, as it would produce such a quantity of data, maps and drawings that the system would be slowed down. For this reason, CDM has chosen to install the Galileo software on an Eaton XP700 industrial PC. This solution makes it possible to view detailed data on the overall system status, eliminating any refreshes and production slow-downs. The Eaton XP700 industrial PC is moreover connected via a CANopen output to an XV 152 PLC equipped with Codesys software, which allows the user to interface with the machine’s SmartWire-DT system.

Another major problem CDM was able to solve by the combined use of the Eaton XP700 industrial PC and the SmartWire-DT communication system is remote diagnostics. In the past, if one of the motors short-circuited, CDM sent out its technicians to assist its international clientele. This, of course, translated into higher costs for the customers. “Having the possibility of providing free remote assistance to our customers has become an absolute priority for our company, and Eaton is one of the few that provide this type of service,” Caprioli explains. Via a VPN (virtual private network) connection, the XP700 industrial PC now allows the CDM technicians to view the data produced by the extruder and diagnose most problems from remote stations, providing free service to the clientele. “We can now even know if a bulb has blown without having to send our technicians to the site,” says Caprioli, adding, “for example, our technicians can remotely restart a motor, or if a circuit-breaker is faulty, explain to the customer what to replace and how to replace it.” The result is amazing: a considerable saving in time and costs for the user and for CDM.

“Eaton offers quality product which are, technologically advanced and easy to use,” says Caprioli, whose company has been an Eaton customer for over twenty years. “Having given us the possibility of providing remote assistance to our customers, Eaton has allowed us a 35 % to 40 % saving on management and maintenance costs.” Moreover, thanks to the Eaton technology, CDM has not only achieved remarkable management and maintenance results, but has also saved on extruder installation costs. “Because of SmartWire-DT, the electric cabinet of the ES135C has a lot less wiring than the earlier extruder models,” explains Caprioli, “so that we have saved 15 % to 20 % on wiring design, hardware installation and testing costs.”

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